About Me

Family Christmas Photo (Nov, 2019)

Cade W. Cabral

22 years old

Male; Caucasian

My hobbies include video games, enjoying the outdoors, kayaking, and fishing. I am the Eldest of 4 boys which has been absolutely wonderful for my mother. I grew up and was born in Maine and have spent most of my life in the State. I have a lot of family here but also have family over in states such as Massachusets and North Carolina. 

I’m hoping that after graduating from UNE I’ll be able to get a full time position at IDEXX laboratories where I have been an active intern for the past few seasons. The job is really unique and allows me to apply my technical skills to a job setting that I really enjoy. I work heavily with the SAP program which governs much of the security access contained within the IDEXX infrastructure. 

I’ve had some previous experience with online courses and am familiar with their day to day operations. I have had some experience with asynchronous classes but I still enjoy having face to face interactions with the class. I’m especially excited for this course as the work required seems especially novel. I enjoy learning about the different utilities and resources that the online world has to offer. I think that by becoming more aware of these programs we can enhance their value and allow for future benefits.

Nolan & I (Aug, 2019)