Looney for Loons

While living at Pleasant Pond, my grandparents have made sure to accustom themselves with the local bird life. In this case, I’m talking about the North-Eastern aquatic-bird called the the Loon.

The Loon is an interesting creature and has been something I’ve encountered many times while going out on the pond. Most of the time we’ll see them while boating or if I’m water skiing. Other times we’ll get a closer look while kayaking.

They’re really interesting birds as they can both fly and dive under water for long periods of time. Often I’ve seen the loon launching themselves like a torpedo, underwater. They are quite majestic birds but they also have this strength to them.

The Loon is quite a territorial bird. Often becoming aggravated by those that come too close. The Loon will raise themselves up from the water and start flapping their wings incredibly fast if you ever breach their personal space. They’re also very protective of their young as they become even more aggressive with those that get too close.

My grandmother has in fact joined the pond Loon society. This society maintains and supports the local Loon population as well as maintaining discussion with the other ponds in the area. If anyone were found messing with the Loons, they’d be getting an earful from my grandmother. She cares quite deeply for the loons and has decorated most of her home with Loon memorabilia. I’ll include some of the pieces below;

My grandmother has also informed me of the annual Loon count that occurs in Maine sometime in July. She informed me that participants wake up early in the morning and go get an accurate count of the loon population, within their prospective lake/pond. Once everyone has their numbers the information is gathered and a reliable count of the Maine Loon population is found.

I never knew that such an event existed and would actually be interested in participating. It’s really cool that there exists this public means of maintaining a species of animal. It’s great that these creatures are respected to the point that they are almost celebrated. The Loon is certainly one cool animal and I am happy that it’s found here in Maine.

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