State of Affairs – Animals Abound

Recently I’ve been coming into contact with some media sites online & on Youtube such as “The Dodo” or the channel “Planet TOOTOO” and others. There have been some interesting videos/posts done by these sites as they attempt to capture animals “in the now.” The Dodo presents videos/posts of animals across the world and Planet Tootoo focuses more on the Bird population/ status of local bird nests.

If you’ve ever come in contact with “The Dodo” some of their videos can come across as disturbing or unpleasant. Recently I watched a video of some animal shelter workers pulling out young puppies from a small tar pit. One of the pups was securely stuck to the ground with the mother being unable to perform any aid. The workers had to dig out the ground around the dog and bring the whole slab to their local shelter.

Eventually, the workers used tons of soap and small chisels to break all the crust and tar that was still stuck to the puppies. The process took a bit but the ending was awesome when I was able to see all the beautiful little faces of the pups. They were actually little German Shepard mixes but I was unable to distinguish this upon first seeing them so dirty.

While watching the video I just couldn’t take my eyes away. Despite the content being a little graphic/distressing I wanted to make sure that some positive outcome was to be gained from such an awful situation. It was really distressing but I was glad that these stray pups were able to be properly cared for. I believe I originally saw this post while scrolling through Facebook as I’m unable to find the video within my Youtube history.

But there’s also a positive side to this online sharing and sites such as “The Dodo.” In this video, I got to see baby owls be hatched in a small makeshift nest as well as their first attempt at flight. This is an awesome video and is a much happier one as it focuses more on new life. As well as cool owls.

I think now that I’ve been watching/searching all these animal related-posts that perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to see the post with the baby owls. In one hand there is a sort of dark side to the content as these animals are living beings. But there is a positive to be able to share and admire these feats of nature that can be so precious.

Since watching these posts it’s made me want to storm out of my house and go find the nearest animal in need. I would rather not see any animal exposed or endangered by the elements of nature. I want to make sure all animals are cared for and are allowed their own right to live. These posts definitely bring up a lot of emotion but I think it’s good that we confront these things and learn ways to be better.

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