Daily Create #tdc3069

For this daily create I thought highlighting on Birds was really neat! Yet I thought the task of creating “emotional coloring” to a picture would pose challenging. I liked the post they highlighted on the Daily Create homepage with the Toucan. That’s quite a colorful bird and offers a spectrum of colors to choose from. My photo is actually one I had saved from my trip to Mexico. My group was visiting an old amphitheater that had built-in pools surrounding the stage. It hosted to tons of different creatures, now that it’s out of use. It is where I found this duck, which I’ve come to find out is the “Muscovy Duck.”

In order to try and capture an “emotional coloring” I utilized the program GIMP and tried my hands at image manipulation. My first thought was to grab the red-coloring of the bill and use that to try to add highlights to the duck. But that posed difficult as it would add quite drastic shades of red. I instead drew around the duck and attempted to manipulate the color settings of that particular part of the image. That was successful and allowed me to manipulate the hue of the image as well as the base colors such as red/blue/green. I also added some more red to the background in order to capture the effect. For a first time using GIMP I thought I did alright. Hope you enjoy!


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