Daily Create #tdc3072

For this daily create, as soon as I saw the prompt was about animals, I knew I had to hop on. I actually took the time to check out what other people had already sent to the ds106 page, as the prompt was so interesting. I saw tons of different animals and all sorts of people participating. Even if it was a simple prompt, it allowed for a variety individuals to share their thoughts. It’s really interesting to learn how large the ds106 community is and all the creativity that is held within.

Once I saw that you had to pick an animal that best represents you, I had the exact creature I wanted to go for. The only problem was I don’t have an Owl readily available for photo-shoots. I decided instead to make a gif to help represent my choice for the daily create. I eventually decided on the Owl from the Tootise-Pop commercial as he’s a fairly known owl within the public eye. As well as being a funny commercial that has stuck around for quite a long time. I used the online tool Gifrun to create the gif of the commercial. The source of my gif can be found here; Hope you guys enjoy!


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