Daily Create #tdc3077

For this Daily Create I got to do another fun prompt that interlinked the use of animals. And what better animal to focus on than my favorite dog Winter. This photo is from last year when Winter was hanging out with my brothers and I. At this time, Winter was almost three-four years old and hasn’t reached the full growth that he’s achieved now. Winter is the second Bernese Mountain dog my family has owned as we previously had a female named “Della May Sunshine.”

The other day my neighbor talked to me about a Bernese Mountain Dog/ Poodle Mix he recently encountered. These dogs are super cute and they keep the poodle genetics of reaching much older ages than other dogs. We discussed how bigger dogs don’t have long to live as there’s a lot of stress being placed on their internal organs. This was definitely a scary discussion as I myself have a larger dog who I care for very much. But it makes me think that I don’t want take Winter for granted. I want to spend all the time that I can with my dog and make his life something special. I know one day he won’t be around anymore, but even if that’s the case, I know he’ll always be with me.


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