Daily Create #tdc3084

For this daily create I was really interested in the prompt as I don’t often think about my foods in paste form. The picture they used of the Goya Guava Paste looked absolutely disgusting and I wondered how I could top that off. Once I started thinking about my favorite foods I was immediately drawn to a food that has a substance similar to paste. And I am talking about the granddaddy of all candies, “Necco” wafers. Which are these small circular disks of sugary chalk. I thought that if anything could be a paste it could be Necco wafers. After some discussion about my idea, I realized that I was essentially talking about eating sugary toothpaste. Which has resulted in the picture above.

For the created image, I took a picture I found of Necco wafers and sent it through GIMP. There I took another photo of a Crest toothpaste bottle and clipped the toothpaste lid (screw cap) off that image. Then placed it over the Necco wafer image as a separate layer. I used the paint tool / selector tool to try and copy the background of the image. Fairly rough patch-job but I think it gets the job done.


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