Daily Create #tdc3087

For this daily create I wanted to offer something that’s more emotional by making this poem/image for today’s prompt. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would try my hands at the prompt but decided it was too easy not too. I’m not one who shares their feelings all that much but I hope that what I wrote captures the emotion that’s there. It seems easy to compare your loved one to a flower. Then in comparison to the other side of the prompt which includes comparing them to a river. Perhaps how love ebbs and flows would be a good way to describe it…

For the image above I utilized Google Presentation and made a classic text-box for the wording. I tried to get the font, style, and size all together before I began to tackle the background. I used one box for the background (Red) and another for the foreground (Grey). Maybe a little too much Gray but I wanted to make sure that the wording was clearly visible and easy to read. All together this process took me around 15 minutes but took me another 5 just to find the heart icon in shapes. But that’s life.


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