ds106 – Color Walk Timeline

Hey guys! Had some crappy weather over the weekend so thought I’d go and take care of the Color Walk Assignment today. But! Instead of a color Walk assignment, I did a color “kayak” assignment in it’s place.

Me and my mom were able to escape the house while I was able to take care of this project. We went over to Pleasant Pond which is where my grandparents have their camp. Once we arrived I decided I would start the “Walk” from the beginning of my grandparents property. That’s where you will see the Red Mailbox in the First Image. I’ll detail the remainder of my journey from here;

3:34 – Initial Arrival – I ran up to the start of the driveway and snagged a picture of the mailbox. Then continuing down the road where I got the photos of the Red Brick & Red Trailer. Both the Red Flowers were also taken around that time as my grandmother had just recently been planting

3:36 – Setting off – Once we were all set with life jackets we grabbed a kayak from their compartment and took off into the pond.

3:45 – High Winds – We mostly stuck to the side of the pond as it was particularly windy today. I was able to snag a few photos of nearby canoes as well as those chairs that had been placed in an interesting upside-down fashion.

3:52 – Red Sailor – Once we made it past the boat with the Red lining we decided to cut across the pond and head back. The wind wasn’t working in our favor and my mom was getting sick of it. We attempted to cut right back to the house but we encountered some very turbulent waves. At one point, I got splashed big time. So I decided to try and shift my weight to the side opposite of the waves and that seemed to help out.

4:07 – Return Home – After our windy encounter, my mom and I decided to head back to the beach. Once we made it back I decided to take a picture of my grandparents red birdhouse and their “Pleasant Pond” sign. Kinda like an advertisement for all of the things this pond has to offer as well as cementing the journey so far.

Making this sure was a dozy. I was able to use/ semi understand the Timeline JS program. Once I had all my photos added to Flickr the process became relatively simple. I wasn’t sure if you necessarily had to post the spreadsheet to the web or not (website was showing weird errors) but I was able to submit my photos accordingly. Hope you guys enjoy!


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