ds106 – Digital Story Compilation

Hey guys! Above is my video compilation with most of my ds106 assignments. I had some trouble including the Color Walk Assignment but I probably could have recovered it more easily from Google Drive. Unsure. It’s really weird to finally be tackling this assignment as it sort of puts a close on the course and our wonderful class. It was fun reliving all the past assignments and all the processes I used to complete them. In the end, I made my video into a “Top 10” but it’s meant to go in chronological order with the rest of the assignments.

For this video, I utilized MovieMaker, a free program offered on PC systems. After organizing all my previous ds106 assignments, I only had to add each of the files to the program. I cut most of the clips to around 3-5 seconds to control the overall length. I made the initial title card in Word and took a screenshot to convert it more easily to an image before transitioning it into the video. I had a fun time completing this assignment and hope I can continue to practice similar creativity in the future. I hope you enjoy!


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