ds106 – Home Video GIF

Winter “dogging” around

Didn’t quite know what I wanted to share for a “Home Video” but I knew I wanted it to be in the here and now. At first I was thinking of trying to capture me hosing the garden, but thought this wouldn’t pose as much of an image of home for this assignment. I finally was able to capture this image while spending some time outside. With the weather finally clearing up we get to see Winter act like his usual goofy self. He’s actually chasing a small chipmunk that lives under the basketball hoop and is very adamant about making friends. I’m glad I was able to capture his big ol’ smile in the way that I did. I want to cherish the time I have with my dog and am glad for these moments that I’ll be able to hold onto.

In order to capture this image as a GIF, I first posted my home video onto YouTube. I was going to keep the video private but found this complicated the transition between YouTube and Gifrun. I instead chose to make the video public and added a description for anyone wishing to see my goofy dog. Then I was able to shave a few seconds of the video and make this short GIF. Hope you guys enjoy!


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