DS106 – Say it Like the Peanut Butter – GIF Assignment

Hey Guys! For this assignment I was quite excited that we get to show off one of our own favorite movies! In regards to making a Gif with limited movement, I chose the movie “Tenacious D & the Pick of Destiny” as it’s a fairly controlled movie. As well as a very funny one! It also poses as it’s own musical as Jack Black & Kyle Gass have gone and created their own full soundtrack for the movie. Personally I think this is one of the better movies around as it offers a lot of uniqueness with its music and characters.

The scene I chose is from the final part of the movie and is the beginning of their song “Beelzeboss”. At this point the characters have tracked down the “Pick of Destiny” only to have it recovered by the Devil himself. This leads to a battle of epic proportions as Jack & Kyle attempt to win through their rock!

At first I was going to use the website Imgflip as they offer a tool to create your own gifs online. After a few attempts I realized that the website will apply its own watermark to any of the gifs you create (unless you pay for pro). This lead me to try out GIFRUN as an alternative for the gif making process. The website was a little difficult initially but I was able to understand the settings that were being offered. As well as making a small gif that I’m proud of and can easily relate to. I hope you guys enjoy this gif I’ve made and hope that you can check out the Tenacious D movie when you have the chance!


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