ds106 – The Big Caption

After searching through the Boston Globe web-page. I came across this particular image which really resonated with me. I’m a big family sort of guy and it’s always nice to see wholesome posts like this. This photo was actually the top picked post for December 2019 by the Boston Globe staff. I really like how this picture can be seen out of context, as you can’t particularly tell when this photo was taken. Then, when adding my text, it gives the photo more of a message as well as emotion. With the text it kinda clicks for me in that it doesn’t have to be Christmas to feel like a family. It’s important to cherish the things we have and enjoy what life offers us.

For this Caption I used the website Imgflip to add the lettering/text effect. I was able to upload the image I had found on the Boston Globe website and then made the necessary adjustments. I wanted to go with a “Christmas-y” themed sort of photo, without actually inputting anything Christmas related. The only thing that should relate to the holiday is the man’s Santa suit. By limiting just to the Santa suit it gives the photo some ambiguity as to what is going on in the picture. I enjoyed giving this photo a little more depth and hope that I was able to capture the emotion that was held within.

Link to original Photo can be found here;


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