DS106 – The Forest Gump Project

Here’s an Original Photo of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing (found here)
Here’s the Remix Version of the Apollo 11 photo

For this assignment, I debated on what “moment in history” I should try and capture. Scenes like the Martin Luther King Rally or other stupendous moments seemed too noisy and offered difficulty finding an inserted person. I decided to go with the idea of the moon landing and trying to capture myself as an astronaut. I thought it would be cool placing myself in this epic moment in history. The final photo is a bit crude but I had a good laugh.

Editing this photo, I used Indesign and found a photo that had been featured on the ABC 10 News Website. They had made a page featuring various photos of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing (Original post can be found here). If you have a chance definitely check out the post as the photos are quite clear and utilize great definition. I took a photo of myself and cropped/cut out my face and posed it over the astronaut’s helmet. I attempted to change the transparency element in Indesign choosing to try and create a better blend with the original photo. After some tweaking, I was able to get the remix to where it is now. Again, a little rough but I enjoyed how comical this assignment could be.

Did you guys know that in the original “Forest Gump” novel there’s a portion where Forest finds himself on a mission to space? Sadly this never made it to the final cut of the movie but is still interesting as it can tie with this theme of space travel.


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