ds106 – What They Might Have Done

For this assignment I had some trouble figuring out the link between the portion on Fakebook and Twister web applications. I had fun creating the Fakebook and easily picked a character of history that I wanted to focus on. I’ve always been interested in Murphy’s Law and wondered who the original creator was. I got to do some digging and found some interesting information and history. As well as a few other quotes which had also been attributed to Murphy.

Once it came to the Twister portion of the assignment I had some trouble figuring out how to link the image I uploaded to Fakebook to Twister. Later I found that I was using too much of Murphy’s full name (middle and also status as Jr.). Once I shortened his name within Twister I was able to load a post with a profile picture. I realize that the picture has some sort of History Channel Tag but I’m not sure how to switch the image of the attributed character. Twister is an interesting site and one that I haven’t been accustomed too.


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