ds106 – What’s the Meme

For my first ds106 assignment I decided to choose this image of Sokka as the Avatar series has been back in the public eye. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Avatar (The last Airbender) series and have been glad to see its recent arrival on Netflix. I myself have been re-watching the series to see how the show has aged since it’s release in 2005.

Just the other day I caught my youngest brother watching the show and I asked how it was going. He replied that he was excited to watch since he can pick up on stuff he hasn’t seen. I was perplexed by his answer and asked if he had seen the show before. He joked around and said that he’s only watched the movie some 50 times but has never seen the animated series before. Since then Avatar has become a huge boom in my house as everyone has joined together to watch the show. I’m happy that we can relive the good old days and enjoy a quality show that we all can enjoy.

For this image I used an online program called imgflip to create this meme. It’s a website that allows a user to upload images and apply bottom and top text lines. I was able to apply the second image on the website as well which I thought was quite clever. I’m not a huge fan of the movie that was produced for the show and think it’s a little dull compared to the series.


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