DS106 World Record Remix

Original World Record (found here)
My World Record Remix

So this assignment was wicked easy and super fun! I was having some trouble at first as the X-ray website wouldn’t load up the other night. I tried once again after finishing up my Codecademy stuff and was able to get it to work. After some tinkering, I found it was quite easy to manipulate the Guinness website and make my own record. I chose the image above as I’m quite fond of owls and it was one of the better photos found on the Guinness Record page. I actually had most of this stuff ready last night but my access to the X-ray page really obstructed me from getting this assignment done. Until now!

At first, I was gonna do something like “world’s most ornery owl” but I thought I could display the image better by utilizing the signpost in some particular way. I think posing the owl as a guide offers a bit of story as you can think about how this owl may lead hikers down safe mountain trails. Maybe flying just below the treeline to allow people a clear view of his whereabouts. It’s a rather intimidating owl but he’s only there to keep you safe!


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